Web Development

NIRD's team of experienced consultants work closely with your team to develop applications that solve the real-world problems faced by enterprise applications. We provide end-to-end support: from project design and architecture through application development and testing our team has you covered. Want more efficiency? We’ve got managed hosting and maintenance to keep your application running smoothly.

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"I feel confident in the quality of work provided, and the team is always willing to answer questions from me. They are also very clear about their timelines & setting expectations, and live up to what they say they will do."

- Emily Hazelton

Manager, Marketing and Information Systems

Managed Hosting

NIRD’s DevOps team manages your deployment and scaling processes for you, so you can concentrate on growing and managing your business. We'll handle the details of hosting your apps while providing updates and routine maintenance. You get the ease of dealing with one company and the assurance that only an expert team who knows your project top to bottom can provide.

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Start-Up Consulting

Our skilled team is passionate about sharing our expertise and experience. NIRD's technology consultants will work with you to create a roadmap for building your application. We'll help identify core features, provide technical advice, and develop a detailed project plan that you can take to investors with confidence - and we’ll help you do it within your budget. Who needs a technical co-founder when you have NIRD?

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